Hey everyone,


I just thought I would tell you all a little bit more about myself. I am a 24 year old mother of one beautiful daughter, and one angel baby. I am also married, and we have one cat. So our household is pretty big. I first took interest in photography a few years ago, but could never see myself as a model. I always felt awful about my body. I was bashed for being both fat and skinny, so my self confidence and self esteem took a rough blow. But I decided to move forward, and since that decision, I have begun to love my body, sure I still want to get into shape, but that's more so to keep up with my daughter.


Another reason I decided to get into modeling, was because of my daughter. Today's society is quickly becoming one about being physically perfect to everyone but yourself. There's fat shaming, skinny shaming, nature shaming, and even adjustment shaming. That pisses me off, and I hate to think that my daughter is going to grow up with people telling her how she needs to look in order to get somewhere in life. I want her to grow up loving her body whatever way it comes out, and loving any change she does want to make to it.


Whether we are all natural in appearance or have had some work done, big or small, unmarred or striped, we are all beautiful in our own way. Because who we are is perfect in the most beautiful imperfect way.


Modeling now has become more of a stand, against body shaming of all types. Won't you stand with me?


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